Several months ago I had a client signup for hosting and I thought all would be a simple change of nameservers for hasn't been.

They registered their domain through and have gotten messages like:

"Our systems are being upgraded. Your user account is in the
migration process. Please check your e-mail for additional information. "

Then they never get any email.

The other day the lady called the company's support and they said her service was ordered through one of their partners and at the present time technical support is only available online. Then they referred her to:

The lady tells me she registered the domain directly through so is the company giving her the run around or what?

I've never heard anyone have this many problems accessing their account with that registrar before.

The domain can't be transferred because it is locked at the registrar and added to the problem is her name has changed from getting married so it needs to have the contact info updated.

Any thoughts on how she could find a way to update her account information since her login and password won't give her access now?

She's worried about losing her domain (plus she can't change hosts since she can't access the nameservers) and there's really not anything I can do to help her *sigh*.