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    Backing up a remote FTP

    I would like to make a backup of my remote server via FTP. However my site is almost 7 gigs and I don't want to have to back the WHOLE site up every day. I'd rather just get changed files and delete files localy that have been deleted on the remote server (a perfect efficient mirror with no modification of files).

    I run windows so I thought I'd try wget. But for starters it appears wget doesn't delete files deleted remotely or is my command line perhaps wrong for this feature?

    My current wget command line is: wget -mirror -r -w 1 -P X:\backup ftp:\\username:[email protected] (The editor on the forums would not let me put ftp:nospace// sorry)

    Any experience here? Is this what I wish to use for an exact mirror?

    Thanks for any insight!

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    try rsync
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    Give Unison a try - both windows and linux clients. Works great. Has both a command line and GUI version. Easy to setup and use.

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