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    LF: Logo for Open Source project.

    I am in the process of coding some device drivers and X11 GUI for a project that allows the usage of DVB cards (satellite cards) to operate on *nix platforms.

    I am looking for a very simple logo for the devel. site.

    Please keep in mind that this project is Open Source under GNU and I don't have money to spend on the logo.

    Anyone willing to donate the logo would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks to all who read.

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    How would you like the logo to be like?

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    I was thinking of perhaps the BSD daemon and some sort of satellite image blended together.

    Or just a simple text type logo with: DVBBSD

    I will leave it up to the designers creative intuitions.

    Thanks for your inquiry.

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    I have found a very nice person to do this logo for me.

    Thanks goes out to wolfwars I really appreciate your efforts and your quick reply to help me out.

    Thanks to all.

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    Hey, np

    Glad I could help

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    wolfwars, I am happy to hear that you have helped mulligan with the logo. News like this warms up the heart.

    mulligan, good luck and God bless with your noble project.

    Take care everyone!

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    If you still need some logo help, let me know in my upcoming thread.

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