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    Question DOWN? anyone else?

    I bought a domain and hosting from off ebay for a ridiculously small amount of money. Unsuprisingly, the site is down now for the second time in a week or two. However NOW it is down for over a day.

    Emails to support and info are coming back to me... are they history, or whats the deal? Anybody have the scoop?

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    it up

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    small amount of money thier is your answer! You get what you pay for. This is just great another post about ahosting company. It seems that you guys should wise up when buying hosting and do not always look for the cheapest. You want to stop things like this from happening? Do your research before making a decision on hosting. I am going to start a class on how to purchase web hosting. Would you like to join? Any others out thier that find the need to join let me know and we will teach you the do's and don't's of web hosting so these forums will not be filled with this.

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    I'm unable to reach it as well...have you tried using the "Contact User" form from eBay?

    Good luck!

    [edit]Typed in and it came up normaly[/edit]

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    Works fine for me, but don't be so cheap... gotta pay for quality... lol... ebay... dude... cmon...

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    I was able to access the site

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    Jeeze chill out guys. I did NOT purchase this hosting expecting top-notch service OR reliability. I knew it was too good to be true, I simply bought it to play with some different sql stuff and web design, without messing up my 2 other domains I run.

    I fully expected the lousy service I am receiving.

    I was simply wondering if anyone else on here used them as was down as well.

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    This is great do you guys think I could be the next Micheal dell selling howto's for buying web hosting? seems to me thier is a market for it. We chilled you got to look at it from our perspective

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    Well nevermind I guess. My site is back up.

    but you were quite a help

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    I was pretty darn annoyed with their latest outages, and the ones last week.

    However, I have had some very good experiences with them. In general, their responses to support requests have usually been very prompt. Also, at the beginning of the relationship they helped transfer AND install my accounts over the course of a week of good interaction.

    Now that raises another point. I was transferring from a reseller that had been charging me $360.00.

    You folks are smoking some fancy dancy stuff if you think that the amount of money you pay has ANYTHING to do with the quality of the service you are going to get.

    The only way my money may have been better spent at $360.00 is perhaps if I colocated or leased a dedicated line.

    And are you sure even in that case? No way. Its impossible to find ANY web hosting company that doesn't have any negative reviews. That means you are taking your chances with any and all of them.

    Lay off the man.

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    Paying too high or too low, both are equally foolish. We never ask you to pay the highest possible price and then only expect the good service. We just ask everyone to pay a *fair* price and expect the same kind of service you should expect, relative to the amount paid.

    If you have a site which earns you millions of dollars per hour, by all means go and buy the best hosting you can and pay huge amount of money for that but even if your site is NPO or even a hobby site but you value your time and want/need your site to be reliable, please expect to pay a reasonable price.

    Is it too difficult for everyone to understand that running a reliable hosting operation costs money like any other business and much more than just the server costs.

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    Originally posted by sandee29
    Any others out thier that find the need to join let me know and we will teach you the do's and don't's of web hosting so these forums will not be filled with this.

    I am going to start a class on punctuation and spelling, you will be expected to attend. I think that's only fair, don't you? See you there.

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