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    Suggestions for web design site domain

    Hello guys,

    I am new to these forums and hope you won't object to my asking....
    I wish to register a nice domain for my future website (custom design site) but I hesitate which to choose - containing 'design' or design related words or abstract (representing rather a brand).
    Please, advise.

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    that is really a personal choice, from a reseller perspective the design related terms have more value because they are more generic and someone else might be interested, stuff like flooped or some non-existant word will have far less value to others. But if you brand it, Flooped will probably stand out more than SomethingDesign.
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    visit and

    maybe you will find something nice!

    good luck!!
    Tony M.

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    nameboy is pretty bad. It has not been updated forever. Try name suggestion
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  5. #5 is really cool.

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