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    Alexa: 4000 vs 30000 vs Anything else

    I'm curious if it is at all possible to estimate traffic of sites coming from their Alexa ratings.

    For example, how much a traffic (approximately) a site with a 4000 ranking gets? 30000? 1000?

    Are there any standards that help webmasters identify at least range of traffic?

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    Artashes: I really doubt it. Alexa states that if the same user refreshes the same page on a site (his own site) multiple times in the same day, that only counts as 1 page view. BUT if I were to visit different pages, it won't count as just 1 page view. Let's say someone has a site like mine and wants to artificially inflate the alexa ranking to try and sell the site for a good price. My site has at least 3500 pages. If I were to sit down and browse through all those pages, I'd get that many page views and increase my Alexa ranking. Granted it would take a lot of time for me to do this, I could do it. My ranking therefore would not accurately predict how much traffic i ACTUALLY get.

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    alexa depends on who's actually using that particular toolbar does it not? not all sites are "indexed" so to speak with alexa and it's not an accurate measure of what your site may be doing..traffic sucks ya know lol..or at least measuring it.

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