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    profittable name for sale

    Im saleing the following name: and

    This come together in a package.
    it has about 105000 goggle hits. so if done right, this can become a very heavy traffic site.

    the .com expires: Thu 02/24/2005
    the .net expires: Sat 09/04/2004

    Reason for sale: Working on another major project and won't have time to maintain this domain.

    All serious inquiries will be evaluated.

    if you wish to email me, you can at [email protected]


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    how do you know it has 105000 goggle hits? a year or in total since registration?

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    namepros . com has a little app on their site that allows you to get more info about your domain such as google hits and est. apprasels


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    pm the price please for

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    if still not sold, please pm price here also, thanks!

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    I'd be interested in a price your looking for on this one also, may work right with a current project I am working out

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