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    521 Discussion :: A Chat With iNET

    For those who wish to discuss the Premium Membership implementation with members of the iNET Interactive staff, we will conduct a guided discussion at 3:00 pm Eastern today (Thursday March 4, 2004) in whtirc (

    When in, you will need to

    /join #wht-guided

    As this will be a moderated channel, you will need to have voice to be able to communicate. You will receive voice from our channel ops in that room once it is verified your username is the same as your wht username.

    A transcript will be posted on WHT following the chat.

    See you then!
    Best Regards,
    Ryan Elledge
    Chief Operating Officer, Codero Hosting

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    I was admittedly a bit late, but it said that the channel was set to invite only.

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    [14:01] <relledge> Ok, well, as promised, here I am to answer any questions, take suggestions, whatever for WHT/iNET/whatever
    [14:03] <DanX> Well, lets get one thing out of the way for some people -- are we paying for memberships or supporting WHT?
    [14:04] <carbon12> yeah
    [14:05] <relledge> Paying for memberships or supporting WHT... not sure I understand the difference in the two. Any revenues generated from WHT supports the costs associated with running it
    [14:06] <carbon12> Hmmm... ive not understood the advantages... its not like its been advertised that you could pay for membership... i didnt even know you had the option of paying until I got into the IRC
    [14:06] <jome> carbon12: It was introduced like today, afaik.
    [14:07] <nickn> the advantage is chicks dig it.
    [14:07] <relledge> Well, there are some advantages to it no doubt... one main advantage would be for companies who advertise. With a measly $5/month or so, you automatically get 25% discount across our network of sites in respect to advertising
    [14:09] <KimmiKat> I agree with the controversal chat one.
    [14:09] <relledge> Good point, DanX ... we're experimenting with the forums right now. Some may prove good, some not... we can replace or whatever it looks like people want
    [14:11] <relledge> What do you mean by "controverisal chat" forum?
    [14:11] <jome> Heh, well, it ended up there
    [14:11] <DanX> Politics, religeon..
    [14:11] <Mat> They want a place to flame each other
    [14:11] <DanX> Aye Mat
    [14:11] <relledge> I can see that getting out of control and very offensive to people
    [14:11] <carbon12> hmmm...
    [14:11] <KimmiKat> what Danx typed
    [14:11] <DanX> However, since it's Premium, it will be more controlled.
    [14:12] <Rochen> We understand that many members have concerns about the Premium Memberships and I think you would expect that with any kind of change to an age old community that isn't used to change. However, I know from talking to Ryan that iNET are committed, the Community Leaders are certainly committed and I know for a fact the majority of our members are committed. I am more than certain we can work to improve areas that people have concerns about and
    [14:12] <Trel> I want a premium member WHT radio station.. I'm out of new music to listen to. >_<
    [14:12] <DanX> The majority of the 'flamers' are ones who most likely wouldn't be in the premium group.. though that may be too broad a comment.
    [14:12] <Mat> Trel, we won't be playing any kind of music... Well maybe DMB
    [14:12] <relledge> Generalizations are tough
    [14:12] <Trel> Mat: I said I wanted it =P
    [14:12] <jizaymes> i like my wht premium subscription
    [14:12] _Nick ([email protected]) joined #wht-guided.
    [14:13] <relledge> Do you just feel like we are creating "seperate classes" / elitisim ?
    [14:13] <DanX> Somewhat.
    [14:13] <jizaymes> in my opinion, i feel that it is separating the "men from the boys"
    [14:13] <jizaymes> which is good
    [14:13] <relledge> Certainly wasnt the intent
    [14:13] <nickn> seperate classes as far as quality of the members or as far as the fact that some are supporters and some aren't.
    [14:13] <jizaymes> cause it shows dedicated
    [14:13] <jizaymes> dedication
    [14:13] <DanX> I personally think that people are making too big a deal over it, hence that stereotype comes up
    [14:13] <jizaymes> damn i work too much
    [14:13] <jizaymes> ha
    [14:13] <relledge> Well actually, jizaymes, part of that is one of the intententions
    [14:14] <_Nick> premium membership ---> hmm well personally there was no real benifit of paying $17.99 for me
    [14:14] <relledge> We did want an area where people could communicate outside of the "kiddy host" stereotype
    [14:14] <jizaymes> 130$ is the least i could pay to show potential customers and peers what my company is serious
    [14:14] <_Nick> new forums are kinda useless too
    [14:14] <jizaymes> _Nick, i disagree
    [14:14] <_Nick> apart from subscribers club
    [14:14] <_Nick> rest = useless
    [14:14] <KimmiKat> Although it doesn't bother me, I think the reason some are making a stink is some other communities started a premium level and gradually migrated the "free" stuff over to the paid part.
    [14:14] <Trel> I have to say I agree with _Nick on this one, the new forums are a bust thus far and there are no real benifits besides the t-shirt that I can see.
    [14:15] <Rochen> What kind of forums do you folks feel should be in the premium area? Just a general discussion lounge - kind of like a premium version of the lounge - or should we have it like it currently is with forums focusing on specific subjects?
    [14:15] <nickn> I don't think they are all a bust.
    [14:15] <relledge> That is a big concern, KimmiKat -- but I assure you, that is certainly NOT our plan
    [14:15] <relledge> Or to add on Rochen's question... should that even be a part of a premium membership
    [14:15] <relledge> ?
    [14:15] <KimmiKat> Relledge: I understand that.
    [14:15] <relledge> Maybe we shouldn't have extra forums at all
    [14:16] <_Nick> inet~relledge: the subscribers club forum is good
    [14:16] <jizaymes> i dont mean to offend anyone, but maybe making it a pay board will weed out the ..ahem..morons
    [14:16] <relledge> Maybe we should look at other benefits, instead of those
    [14:16] <_Nick> because its like the "seniors" putting forward ideas
    [14:16] <_Nick> but there needs to be other benifits
    [14:16] <relledge> jizaymes -- that would likely KILL WHT in its tracks
    [14:16] <jizaymes> yeah i know
    [14:16] <nickn> any rough estimates on the percentage of users who are now premium?
    [14:16] <jizaymes> i'm not necessarily condoning it, but saying it might not be a bad thing
    [14:16] <jizaymes>
    [14:16] <KimmiKat> Maybe have a level of premium for those who don't need the ad discounts and just want to post in the subscribers forums
    [14:16] <Trel> relledge: I think you would likely see many of the doomsayers silenced if there were no seperate forums.
    [14:16] <nickn> or is that top secret iNET classified information?
    [14:17] <_Nick> 1% nick
    [14:17] <_Nick> or less
    [14:17] <relledge> Our whole desire is to further enhance, not detract, from WHT. Essentially, we want something for everyone there.
    [14:17] <jizaymes> what about my post about a Buy/Sell equipment forum for premium members
    [14:17] <_Nick> hm im thinking relledge
    [14:17] <nickn> I like the Buy/Sell Equipment forum, a Premium Lounge
    [14:17] <nickn> I think the Marketing forum should be moved to public.
    [14:17] <_Nick> yes
    [14:17] <jizaymes> yeah
    [14:17] <Trel> jizaymes: I want to Buy/Sell Equipment from everyone, not just premium members =)
    [14:17] <_Nick> maybe also a content forum relledge
    [14:17] <_Nick> like yaxay
    [14:17] <relledge> Sorry, nickn -- missed your question. I see it now...
    [14:17] <_Nick> but designerss must be premium to enter
    [14:18] <nickn> Trel, but the Buy/Sell Equipment forum in public would be ridden with spam
    [14:18] <relledge> Not a high percentage at all as of now... probably around 200 subscribers
    [14:18] <jome> Will be going the same way as, starting out with some small fee for a few semi-good extras and then end up being basically a pay-only forum within a year or so?
    [14:18] <nickn> I mean if we wanted it in public, we could do it in the other offers and requests.
    [14:18] <relledge> no, Jome
    [14:18] <KimmiKat> Jome, I don't think so
    [14:18] <nickn> but that's just like a Free For All board right now.
    [14:18] <Trel> Woohoo Rus is here.
    [14:18] <relledge> As long as iNET owns WHT, we will never take away the free forums
    [14:19] <DanX> Actually some of these ideas sounds good. The forums could be changed to 'Premium Lounge' 'Controversial Topics' 'Premium Sales' and 'Webhosting' where webhosting would be so you could run ideas past people and not have thousands of people read them.. and also discuss things would wouldnt want regukar customers to see, like how to handle certain clients
    [14:19] <relledge> Nor will we start taking away areas and making them pay
    [14:19] <DanX> Hey jvds
    [14:19] <jvds> lo
    [14:19] <relledge> All we did right now is create additional stuff for those who wish to use it
    [14:19] <jome> relledge: Is iNET a profitable company (the question is reasonable, as no company with shareholders not making profits will demand cash flow )?
    [14:19] <Rochen> Jome, it's the openness of WHT which has built it into the world's leading hosting discussion forum. Purely from a business prospective it would be silly for iNET to make it a pay only website.
    [14:19] <nickn> personally, the customizing of the forum (all i show now is forums, no news, who's online, right bar, etc..) as well as the :cough30secondtimerwheneverwegetit:cough:
    [14:19] <nickn> is almost worth it
    [14:19] <jizaymes> i agree with DanX
    [14:20] <nickn> jome, i've seen their offices. :\
    [14:20] <jizaymes> thats the value I see in the premium forums
    [14:20] <relledge> jome -- yes, we are profitable
    [14:20] <Trel> relledge: How about these for some possibile premium benifits, no adverts, 30 second timer, WHT magazine..?
    -Mat Sumpter
    Director, Product Engagement
    Penton Media

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    [14:21] <_Nick> if wht insider was made
    [14:21] <relledge> Absolutely we are open to ideas on changing the premium forums...
    [14:21] <DanX> Oh hey, lets not forget the newsletter.
    [14:21] <_Nick> similar to "thewhir" newsletter
    [14:21] <nickn> no adverts will never work. that's where WHT makes it's money
    [14:21] <_Nick> that would be cool
    [14:21] <relledge> Trel : we have kicked around the no ads idea
    [14:21] <_Nick> thewhir I read daily and enjoy it...
    [14:21] <jome> relledge: Well, I must congratulate you on that, having seen so many companies bite the dust the last few years.
    [14:21] <relledge> nickn said it best
    [14:21] <nickn> I don't think the ads matter much to me.
    [14:21] <nickn> anyhow.
    [14:21] <_Nick> same
    [14:22] <relledge> WHT Magazine -- we will be having that, as an online publication -- tied in with the "WHT Insider" newsletter
    [14:22] <nickn> removing adverts makes anyone wanting to market to true hosts not choose WHT because most true hosts would be premium..hence not seeing them.
    [14:22] <DanX> I doubt this would work, but you could add a forum for WHT Premium members only to advertise their services.. ?
    [14:22] <nickn> relledge still any plans to bring back hostbuzz?
    [14:22] <nickn> or is it dead.
    [14:22] <_Nick> inet~relledge: the quicker that comes the better
    [14:22] <DanX> You need ads for premium members, those are the people certain advertisers are targetting
    [14:22] <relledge> nickn : we're not 100% finalized on what we are going to do in relation to hostbuzz
    [14:22] <_Nick> I'd like a magazine like pingzine that came to the UK
    [14:22] <KimmiKat> The ads don't bother me either.
    [14:23] <DanX> PingZine this months was good.
    [14:23] <relledge> We won't be doing a print mag, _Nick
    [14:23] <jizaymes> it seems to me that a fair majority of premium members are not certain to be buying from each other.
    [14:23] <_Nick> ok
    [14:23] <relledge> We will be doing on-line mag
    [14:23] <Rochen> PingZine does come to the UK, Nick.
    [14:23] <KimmiKat> As long there's no pop-ups like some other boards resorted to...
    [14:23] <_Nick> what was hostbuzz
    [14:23] <Mat> Popups would kill WHT
    [14:23] <relledge> iNET will never have pop-ups or pop-unders on our network
    [14:23] <_Nick> Rochen, not on their order form it doesn't
    [14:24] <Rochen> Strange. I am in the UK and have got copies on PingZine. Then again, I didn't signup normally - I got signed up because I expressed an advertising interest.
    [14:24] <_Nick> hmmm
    [14:24] <_Nick> I wonder if I ask the guy on WHT
    [14:24] <_Nick> whats his username>#
    [14:24] <Trel> They ship them globally.
    [14:24] Action: relledge laughed at this month's PingZine ... the 3 page article on acquisitions by one Adam Burkatally ... he is a total fraud, but thats a nother discussion all together
    [14:24] <KimmiKat> hehe
    [14:24] <Rochen> lol
    [14:25] <Trel> relledge: When did you get yours?
    [14:25] <_Nick> I buy .net regularly or as often as possible
    [14:25] <_Nick> but I haven't subscribed
    [14:25] <relledge> We got it within the past 2 days... I have been out of town, but it came while I was gone
    [14:25] <Trel> Bleh, I'm still waiting for mine
    [14:25] <Trel> Now I have to go check the mailbox
    [14:25] <jizaymes> damn this channel is wayyy active for only 15 people
    [14:25] <relledge> yes, jizaymes... hard for me to catch everything
    [14:26] <KimmiKat> yes it is, more then the regular #WHT channel!
    [14:27] <_Nick> I suggest inet rack their brains to think of 'bonuses' for premium members and post them in the club for us all to comment
    [14:27] <relledge> I know there has been some negativity to the premium, but I feel iNET has given a lot of new things to the members... from this irc, to relaunching whtradio this month... and we're not charging
    [14:27] <KimmiKat> That's a good idea Nick
    [14:27] <_Nick> IRC also needs to be more popular
    [14:27] <DanX> I want WHT candy.
    [14:28] <_Nick> I feel if the server has more channels, more people
    [14:28] <relledge> We will likely revise some of the benefits over time
    [14:28] <_Nick> it would be a great benifit to WHT
    [14:28] <KimmiKat> When there's anything new, there will always be negative comments. Human nature.
    [14:28] <relledge> to irc, we will be adding channels for our other forum sites too in the coming weeks
    [14:28] <Trel> Nope, not there yet ;_;
    [14:28] <relledge> dbforums, programmingtalk, yaxay, swish-talk, mac-forums, vb forums, dot net forums, etc
    [14:28] <relledge> That will likely bring more activity to irc
    [14:29] <Mat> We used WHT as a test bed for IRC
    [14:29] <DanX> Definitely will.
    [14:29] <KimmiKat> true
    [14:30] <KimmiKat> Maybe more of these iNET chats every so often
    [14:30] <John> lol
    [14:30] <DanX> That may help, and do them at times when people are more active
    [14:30] <relledge> Yeah, KimmiKat... I think we'll schedule a weekly time or every other week
    [14:30] <KimmiKat> looks like a sleepy 50 users!
    [14:30] <Mat> we might make an whtirc segment for questions to iNET
    [14:30] <Mat> err whtradio
    [14:30] <Mat> sorry
    [14:30] <KimmiKat> That's an idea mat
    [14:30] <relledge> We'll be doing a whtradio segment too, yes
    [14:30] <nickn> call in radio!
    [14:31] <Mat> We'd likely do question submission via wht...
    [14:31] <Mat> We don't really want to hear most of you
    [14:31] <John> what is we did eSeminars like twice a month that are geared twords hosting? new technologies, etc...
    [14:31] <relledge> We will do some call in... makes it more entertaining Mat
    [14:31] <KimmiKat> Next on WHTRadio, our interview with Dr. Phil!
    [14:31] <relledge> I think thats great, John
    -Mat Sumpter
    Director, Product Engagement
    Penton Media

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    Thats nice thanks for posting that

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    Let's see.....
    There may be more of these chats in the future. It was a pretty good session!

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    It would be nice if they were scheduled more than two hours in advance. Perhaps more people could attend then?

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    Originally posted by Watcher_TVI
    It would be nice if they were scheduled more than two hours in advance.
    It was: 2 hours AND 10 MINUTES!
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    Let's see.....
    I think any future one would be posted more in advance!

    Actually the secret was...a lunch date cancelled on Ryan, so he did that chat to kill time!
    73's, Kim
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