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    Need to know the websites hosted with the same IP

    I know this service used to be available at, nowadays you need to subscribe for $15/month in order to use this service. Is there any free alternative service our there that allows me to know the websites hosted with the same IP?


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    Same ip? if i am not wrong, why not ping the domains? or you wanting to findout if someone else is sharing the ip you got?
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    He's trying to find out:
    if another domain shares the same IP he/his client is using
    if so, what domain(s) are sharing the same IP is the only one I know that does this kind of service; and personally, I don't find it to be that useful... Its how many sites (and maybe what sites) are hosted on the same server that counts...

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    Actually you can register for free and you'll be able to view a small number of sites sharing the same IP. For silver memberships the limit is 1,000.

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