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    Thumbs up Ah, this is SO SWEET!

    Just set up my new primary PC (the one on which I do all my Web application coding and graphics work) and this time around I did a dual 19" LCD configuration.

    Man, double the visual workspace is awesome. I was previously using a 21" Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900U as the display device and I liked very good monitor very much...but I'm now loving the new config.

    Now I code on the left, display on the right, and no need to fool with max/min the windows.

    So sweet!

    I highly recommend a dual monitor set up to those who would have a need for that sort of thing.
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    I doubt i can get used to it if i set up something like that. Part of the fun of using the computer is getting pissed with it
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    FUN?! LOL!
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    Once you go dual.... You can't go back to single.. It just seems so small.. And then there are some who must go even more.... 4 for example
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    I have 3 and I'm contemplating doing a semi-circle of 5. The only thing holding me back from that is having to build a custom desk for it.

    Nobody has any idea how much they need more than one monitor until they have it. The increase in productivity I experienced from it was astounding. I wrote like 5 modules for our billing system in the first 3 days...things i"d been procrastinating about for like a year.

    I definately couldn't go back to single.

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    I would love to go to dual screen configuration, but don't have a PC deserving such a treat nor money to make it happen, even though I usually work with 8-10 launched programs - this could definitely make it easier.

    I've used it at our university stock trading room and the experience was amazing.

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    I liked my 4-monitor setup. However I had to drop one of the monitors and use it for another system

    When I'm really big and uber-stinking-rich(haha like that will happen), maybe I'll do a 4 monitor setup with LCD projectors onto the wall

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    TWO 19" LCDs?! $$$! Expensive! Here in England, a good LCD/TFT monitor at 17" costs 300-350 (16ms response, high contrast, etc.) and 19" of the same quality is around 500, so having two is 1000 with which you can build a second PC with! I have an uncle with two monitors (normal CRTs) and I have to say it's great. But I had to work hard enough to get the money together for one LCD monitor, another would seriously set me back :p.

    What about wanting 4 monitors - what graphics cards support it? I have an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB at the moment and I know it supports 2 monitors, but 4? ...
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    /me loves his quad-monitor setup. The whole thing is also powered from a single video card.

    To answer your question though, most people usually use multiple video cards and let the O/S do the splitting as video cards which are more than dual head are extremely expensive in comparison. (two dual heads can be gotten new for under $200 total where as a new quad head starts at around $500 and there is really no major benefit to using them)

    P.S. - for those who are curious I run the Nvidia Quadro4 400 NVS. To my knowledge, it is the only video card which supports quad head for under a grand.
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    Originally posted by N9ne
    TWO 19" LCDs?! $$$!
    Yeah, but the single monitor they replaced (the 21" Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900U) cost almost $1,000 alone way back when I bought it.

    Still working great, too. Fantastic CRT.
    I thank my Lord for all His wonderful blessings.

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