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    Site Builder Software - Suggestions?

    Just wondering if anyone here bundles in "Site Building" software with hosting packages, and if so - what Software (assuming it's not custom written)??

    I realise that a lot of these systems aren't very useful, and the sites they produce can often be beyond a joke, but for some "beginner" customers they might be a nice addittion.

    Any suggestions/advice welcomed!


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    We offer "Site Studio" from the makers of H-Sphere (

    Since we use H-Sphere, Site Studio is auto provisioned to those customers that desire to use it (we have a hand full that like the idea of getting sites up extremely quickly that look ok to decent).

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    I tried one named soholaunch a few weeks back. It was not bad and the company was offering free 100 domain license. The only draw back is it only has a few templates to choose from.

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