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    need disigner to creat full site

    Hi all

    I already have server w WHM/Cpanel control its managed server anyway > and i have some clients but its direct contact .
    i want make site for the server to look like proffisional company
    i want billing can run with WHM/Cpanel to creat/renew accounts by billing or manual by my self .
    need on the site :

    domain registration / renew by paypal or cc
    register for hosting plans creat / renew

    the best or the nice billing system .

    your advice please / your prices please

    you can send offer to [email protected]

    thanx guys for all your help

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    My advice is to get a custom site made, and use WHM AP.

    WHM AP does everything you just mentioned and is easy to fit into a site.

    I have a template ready that has never been sold before, my suggestion is to work closly with you and make it into a full blown site and after you get WHM AP, intergrate it in.

    All of that for 200$-250$.

    AIM: LucidEugene
    Email: [email protected]

    or PM me here.

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    I too am interested in this job.

    Contact me with for my credentials.

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