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Thread: credit card...

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    credit card...

    i need a CC processor...
    if you have some recommandations...and some advice in order to find the cheaper...!

    warm regards,

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    What country are you in? How much do you anticipate on processing?

    There is already a lot of great information on what to look for in a CC processor / payment gateway in these forums

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    Paypal is cheaper then other like 2checout or paysystem
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    There is a few posts of companies downbelow.

    Just remember that people like paysystems are having big big problems at the moment so i'd stay well away.

    Read the threads below for ideas..

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    PayPal is good if they all know English and how to register it.

    I am also looking for a CC processor too. Paysystem?
    I have 2CO...I have like $50 in it...still need another $50 but I am taking a risk here tho...

    Paysystem send cheques every week or 2 weeks?

    My Processing rate is around.....$100USD/month only~


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    For non-U.S. merchants, you may have to go with a 3rd Party Processor.

    If you do, just keep in mind the "trouble spots" on these systems so that you can go into it with your eyes open and work around it. If you plan ahead of time, you can get setup and running and avoid some of the common pitfalls.

    For a U.S.-based merchant, well - usually a merchant account is your best bet. For the value that you get, the control that you get, the faster funding and lower rates - it is well worth it in most cases.

    U.S.-based merchants can also accept PayPal and if you are just testing the waters or do only a very occasional transaction online, PayPal can be a good option.

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