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    to start business?

    or to buy one....?

    i think it's cheaper of course!

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    It all depends on your initial startup capital.

    You can do a search on starting a co, as this was discussed in depth over the last couple of days and even includes estimated budgets etc ...

    As far as buying a co, you should be well versed in running a company of this nature and have a staff ready to start taking tickets and sales leads ...

    ... just do some research on this as both options have been discussed numorous times in this forum.

    Good luck !
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    Yeah, and just as a resource for starting one up you might wanna read this - Host on Cloudrck
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    It's much easier to buy a business and keep its current staffing; if they're essential to its operation.
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    I'd vote to start a business if you're young and energetic. However, if you're about to be a grandpa, I don't think your body will be able to to take the hours required when starting up a company .
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    Buy one if you can afford to do so. A few years I would have suggested starting it from scratch but it's pretty crowded out there now for another fresh face.
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    I would say buy one if you can. I just started and its time consuming and hard. Plus you will probably go through a couple reselling companys in order to find on that is reliable.

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