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    Should Medical Research be limited by Ethical Boundaries?

    I recently had a short disagreement with my friend over this matter. I would appreciate what you are think about it?
    Should medical research be limited by ethical boundaries? If so, what boundaries. If not, why not?

    Thank you for sharing your views.
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    Of course it should.

    The problem is, whose ethics?

    I say animal testing is unethical. Most say it's not.
    I say stem cell research is ethical. Most say it's not.

    I think medical research needs to question social norms and question what is or isn't ethical in order to be as far reaching and helpful as possible; yet I think it should be limited by ethical boundaries otherwise medical gains can end up becoming the result of great suffering (ends do not justify the means).

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    Science has no place in religion ( at least most ), religion should have no place in medical science, IMHO. Yet I also side with what Toefur says.

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