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    looking for server to access remotely

    im looking for server or a computer that will allow me to use that computer like the same as my computer in front of me.

    its like virtual pc,

    the server/virtual pc is in the US and me somewhere in world with net access. its like i want to login into that pc and use it like my pc, i can browse the net and use the resources and ip settings of that virtualpc,

    anyone? willing to pay for that service

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    Just use VNC or something similar. No idea how secure it is however.

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    It is possible,but if you would like to use that dedicated server as a proxy,it would be a waste.Plus..connecting via remote will cause you tremendous lag.

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    Remotly connections really suck I promise... My friend needed help on his computer and MSN has a feature for this and we did it, and his EXPLORER.exe crashed and he had to turn EXPLORER.exe back up using task manager. It lag badly I promise.

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    i think putty does same.... you can login to any linux server from remote and do whatever you have permission to.. and I think even X can be run from remote
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    anyone tried

    how fast is it?
    does it work the same as vnc?

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    I think it is just a commercialised version of VNC. Or it could be like VNC but uses Java, I don't really know.

    Anyway, VNC is free and works on loads of platforms. I've tried it on 56k, it was slow but it was usable, if you switch many of the options off, like wallpaper etc. If you have a better connection, obvisouly it will be better.

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    im looking for server or a computer that will allow me to use that computer like the same as my computer in front of me.
    Oh...simple...all Windows servers do this out of the box. You login via Terminal Services and its as good as being there. Terminal Services are also much much faster than VNC and other slower alternatives.

    So, simply lookup SM or EV1 Windows servers. That's all you need...believe me.

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    For window 2000 and 2003, you may use remote desktop connection for remote access.


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    I currently use remote desktop to access the labratory computers for work items that require specific software. I am connected via t1, so the experience is absolutely amazing, and I can hardly tell half the time that I am using a computer that is located miles away from my connection. So if you plan on using a remote service, be sure it's on the right OS that you want, and you have a broadband connection to reduce the lag for a better overall experience.
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    i am using onl 256k DSL, will it be usable using windows2000?
    is there a site that offers win2k that the purpose is only using terminal service that cost $10-20 located in a datacenter or fast location.

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