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    big forum problem!!!!

    We have just joint with another 3 forums, to make a BIGGER forum, total members will be 800 or so, each had like 300 members and like 3000 posts. when i tried to combine the my-sql databases i ONLY managed to get back 160 members and like 30 posts. any ideas why? anyone know how to combine them properly to get all members and posts in one? it took me like 4 days combining the mmebers, all 3 are vbulletin!

    the site is
    i will put it up in 3 hours. so you can actualy see the members but not very many posts. Plus the load is MUCH slower now! did i do something bad to the database?

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    What did you do to combine them?
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    i just edited it via wordpad, you know when you can backup via vbulletin i mean backup your data bases, i sat down and added EACH user one by one lol i though i did the posts too but they didnt come out well :'(

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    Thats not a very smart way to do it!
    I hope you made backups of all 3 of the DB's before you did that.

    you should have used something like phpMyadmin...
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