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Thread: onefusion down?

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    Angry onefusion down?

    hi, is anyone a customer of onefusion? my vds has been down for past few hours. no calls answered at their support line and tickets are not replied.

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    Yeah. I'm experiencing the same thing. Unfortunately, this is their MO. They hose their servers and then take several days without any communication before explaining the problem and describing what action they've taken.

    Chances are we'll be down for a long time and we won't know what's going on.

    Now would be a good time for you to shop for alternatives. I know I am.

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    Originally posted by Zonk579
    Now would be a good time for you to shop for alternatives. I know I am.
    I've found a really good provider who was extremely patient and willing in moving my accounts over. During the downtime, I waited for onefusion to be up and immediately contacted them to shift the accounts over. Within 48hrs they did all the work, and i was on the new servers. If you are still searching for a company, i'd like to recommend my new providers. PM me.

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    At the present time (16 May 2004), my sites hosted by OneFusion
    are down. They are hosted on, and it seems that
    the domain registration for expired on 13 May 2004.
    I called and spoke to Caleb Kow, and he's working on fixing
    the problem.

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