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    Bi-Yearly vs. Semi-Annually...Let's make this clear.

    I'm very confused as to wich one of these terms means "half a year". Or if they both do.

    I think bi-yearly means 6months, or half a year, as does semi-annually. But there has been a lot of people saying different things. Someone said bi-yearly is 2 years... I don't think that's right, but maybe I'm wrong.

    I would like to make these terms clear to all web hosts, so there will be no confusion as to what a half a year, and a whole year is.

    Please post what you think.

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    Bi-yearly would be every two years. (Think-- bisexual isn't someone who's attracted to half a gender, its someone who's attracted to two genders).

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    Yep, it is my understanding that:

    Semi-annually = every 6 months (1/2 year).
    Bi-Yearly = typically means every 2 years.

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    I checked and it sure gets pretty confusing :-


    Happening every two years. See Usage Note at bi-1.
    Happening twice a year; semiyearly.

    Every two years.
    Twice a year; semiyearly.

    Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
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    the exact answer is to look at the total of your bill .

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    semi-circle = half a circle.
    semi-yearly = half yearly

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    Biannual: Occurring twice a year.
    Biennial: Occurring every two years.
    Semi-annual: Occurring twice a year.

    Bi-: Occurring twice in every one or once in every two.
    Semi-: Occurring twice in a specified period (when related to time).

    Bikini: Two piece swimsuit for women (or kinky men).

    Oxford English Dictionary.

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    Annually is the same thing as yearly right?

    I'm so lost. If you look at WHM Manager under pricing, it goes like this:

    • Monthly

    It seems to be going in order...

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    I believe biannual can be either, however semiannual is definetally every 6 months. To avoid confusion, we display:
    PCM (per 1 calendar month)
    Quarterly (per 3 calendar months)
    Semiannual (per 6 calendar months)
    Annual (per 12 calendar months)
    Biannual (per 24 calendar months)
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    Semi is 2 parts of 1 whole and not many parts of 1 whole.

    Ever noticed how those "As Seen On TV" products get advertised at "4 equal semi-monthly payments"? That's 4 payments every 15 days for two months and not 4 payments within one month.

    Another example would be the one used by schools: semestral. That's 2 terms in one year. Three terms is trimestral. No one refers to 3 terms as semestral.

    Anyway, here's the dictionary term for it's common use:

    Function: prefix
    Etymology: Middle English, from Latin; akin to Old High German sAmi- half, Greek hEmi-
    1 a : precisely half of: (1) : forming a bisection of <semidiameter> (2) : being a usually vertically bisected form of (a specified architectural feature) <semidome> b : half in quantity or value : half of or occurring halfway through a specified period of time <semiannual> <semimonthly> --
    Whereas bi can be used to signify 2 things of equal proportions as in bicentennial which occurs every 200 years. It can also be used to signify 2 equal parts of a whole as in bisect which is to cut into 2 equal parts.

    I think the problem here arises with your intent and the interpretation of your customers. For paying every 15 days within 1 month you could actually use bimonthly meaning 2 times a month or biweekly meaning every 2 weeks. The intent would be the same but some people could misinterpret it for the other meaning.

    But generally it is quite universal to refer to payments every 6 months as semi-annual. Using biannual could confuse your customers.

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    Originally posted by nickn
    BiAnnual == Occuring twice a year.

    Which would mean BiYearly == Same thing..

    Now to throw even more of a twist in there..

    Biennial in PolSci was always occuring every two years.
    I can't handle another twist.

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    Bi-yearly/by-annual = 2 years
    Semi-annual = half year
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    Maybe if we use a different language it would be clearest. Here are some substitutions for the biannual blunder.

    Spanish: semestral
    French: bisannuel
    Italian: biennale
    German: halbjährlich

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