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    PowerBook + Wireless Access

    I have a apple g4 powerbook and I'm looking for some sort of wireless card so I can go online with it. I'm not talking about LAN access but rather actual internet access - verizon wireless service

    Any suggests on adapters/service?
    Keep in mind this is a apple powerbook
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    I have 12', and all of the providers offer a aircard service. It will run you up to around $80 a month, but you will get full internet access(avrg 50kbps). If you have a 12' though, thats not a option, as there is no card slot....

    What I do is hook a usb cable up to my sprint phone and connect that way

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    Can you go alittle more indepth about your USB to Phone config?

    Currently I have a Treo600 that I want to hook up to my 12" PB G4 ...
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    some phones can connect to your pbook through a cable, or some can connet wirelessly through bluetooth... depends on your phone, the age of your pbook, and phone service.

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