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    Lightbulb **Affordable PHP/MySQL Programming**

    Hi all... In efforts to just make some money on the side, I'm offering my services in php & mysql database programming... Below is a list of projects I have most recently created: (but am not limited to)

    - Inventory management interfaces
    - Administrator interfaces
    - Client interfaces (member-only areas, etc.)
    - Frequently Asked Questions systems
    - Trouble-ticketing system

    Pretty much anything involving a database I can make. All my projects include quality graphics and will be shown to you before delivery. Everything is created custom for your website/company. All projects are created from scratch and nothing is "re-used" like some do.

    Currently, I have 3+ years experience with PHP/MySQL and am still learning more and more everyday, and have many "programming guru" friends should I need to learn something new to assist with your project!

    Depending on the project, I sometimes charge by hourly at a rate of $20.00/hour or might just be a base-price regardless of completion time. As you can tell, I'm not out to make serious money but rather I need to get a good client-portfolio going as I hope to start a serious design/programming company shortly...

    If you have questions or would like a quote, please send me a descriptive email to [email protected]

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