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    Dual P3 1.26ghz, Dual LAN, 2GB RAM, 160GB HD

    I am parting a server that I used for testing scripts on my cable line. Here are the following specs..

    1U Aluminum Case w/rackmounts
    Gigabyte GA-6ETXDR Dual P3 Motherboard w/DUAL ONBOARD LANGigabyte GA-6ETXDR Dual P3 Motherboard
    300W 1U PSU
    (2) P3 1.26ghz Tualatin w/512k cache
    (2) Super Copper Blowers
    (4) Crucial 512mb PC133 133mhz CL3 ECC Memory
    (2) Seagate Barracuda ATA IV 80GB 7200RPM Drives
    (2) Vantec Black EZ*Swap MRK-102FD

    Board Specification:


    Supports Dual Intel® Pentium® III Coppermine and Tualatin socket 370 CPU up to 1GHz and above
    100/133 MHz FSB
    Two onboard VRMs (VRM 8.4 spec.)

    ServerWorks ServerSet ™ III LE Chip
    NS PC97317 Super I/O Chip
    ServerWorks OSB4 Chip
    ATI Rage XL Chip
    Dual Intel ® 82559 LAN Chip

    Integrated LSI Symbios 53C1010-66 Chipset
    Supports dual channel Ultra160 SCSI
    160MBps throughput and up to 15 devices per channel

    Four 250 angled 168 Pin DIMM sockets for SDRAM modules
    Supports up to 4GB PC100/133 ECC Registered Only SDRAM
    Supports ECC memory module

    Two PCI-64bit/66Mhz slots
    Two PCI-32bit/33Mhz slots

    Dual Channel Ultra DMA 33MB/sec data transfer rate
    One Floppy Port (up to 2.88MB)
    One 25pin Parallel Port (EPP/ECP)
    Two 9pin 16550 based serial Ports (One optional with cable)
    Two USB ports on front plane and two USB ports in back
    One standard 15pin VGA connector
    Two RJ45 LAN ports
    P/S 2 Keyboard and Mouse Connectors

    ATX Form Factor

    Integrated Winbond W83782 hardware monitoring chips
    CPU system fan speed detect(2 for CPU, 1 for System)
    CPU/System fan failed detect
    CPU temperature detect
    System Voltage detect
    2pin chassis intrusion header
    Built-in Wake on Modem header
    Support Wake on LAN

    AMI BIOS on 4Mbit flash RAM
    Auto configure IDE HDD type
    Multiple boot options
    User setting for hardware monitoring
    DMI 2.0 compliant

    Adapter Fault Tolerance (AFT)
    Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB)
    Fast Ethernet Channel (FEC)

    This is a very nice and extremely fast system. It is in perfect running condition and has RedHat 9.0 installed on it. I'm parting for $800 w/ Free shipping within the contintental US.
    You can check out the pictures at .

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    $730 Shipped, last offer. NEEDS 2 GO!

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    No one? This is a POWERFUL Server!

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