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    vBulletin 2.3.3 Moderators

    Hey I was just wondering how do you add mods in vBulletin 2.3.3(vBM) it does not seem to work for me

    I try to add moderators using the Groups but that only allows for them to have access to delteting there own posts and stuff...
    the only other thing i can do is make them supermoderators
    but that makes them mods for the whole site not just individual forums

    any help?

    Hope i postes in the right section

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    Go to your admin panel.

    Forums & Moderators

    Click on "Modify"

    Click on "Add Moderator"

    Enter in the username and set whatever permissions you want.

    Click "Save Moderator" and you're done.
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    Originally posted by Coach
    . . . and set whatever permissions you want. . .
    And that's the step you're probably missing.
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