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    Fission Effect Studios back for work. =)

    Hey again everyone!

    Just signing in, and hopefully looking for some potential projects. Fission Effect Studios (, is looking for some day-to-day projects as we continue to progress in the company and our 2004 portfolio, starting around $250.00.

    Our portfolio can be accessed from the site. Most recent works include:

    Most companies try to word their advertisements and ads so they sound like they're smart. (lol)

    Simple enough, our work consists of

    Web Design, Logos, Graphic Design, Coding, ecommerce and Multimedia Services (Animation, 3D)

    Boom, and we're effective in this manner.

    You can contact me by email: [email protected]
    AIM: mutationproject
    Phone (610)-647-8327 (3:00 est - 11:00 est every day)

    Collin Mehalick
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