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    Article rewrite

    I am looking for someone to take some papers/articles related to dogs/cats/animals etc and rewrite them so I have copyright over them. I have about 300, and you will have to rewrite them fast, and good, in sets of 10.
    Please post your price/article, as well as the article bellow rewritten.
    It is a sample article - they are made for search engines - and you have to keep that in mind.
    (The keyword here is dog seat belt. Dog seat belt is more important than restraint)

    Dog Seat Belts Save Dogs Lives!
    How to use a dog seat belt and save your dogs life!

    Summer is peak travel time. With the onset of longer and warmer days, outdoor events and vacations are likely to keep you on the move…and often in the company of your pet. You and your pet will better enjoy your travel together if you take precautions to keep it safe.
    For your mutual safety, your pet should be restrained or confined at all times while riding in your vehicle. Unrestrained, your pet can be a serious threat to you and your passengers, distracting you or impairing your ability to drive. Also, without restraint, your pet can get seriously injured during quick stops, sharp turns, and accidents.
    Pet seat belts are your answer. A pet seat belt restraint looks like a harness with padded chest straps, and secures your dog just like a seat belt designed for people. Pet seat belt restraints also keep frightened dogs under control if you’re in an accident. A pet seat belt restraint is safest if it’s used in the back seat of your car.
    In most cities, there are no seatbelt laws to protect pets - as there are for you and family members - but we hope you agree it is your undeniable responsibility whenever you travel together, whether the trip is to the local grocery store or a cross-country vacation. For the best protection, we recommend that you restrain your dog in a specially designed seat or harness. Most dogs will become accustomed to these quickly. In the event of a collision, cages, crates, barriers will provide the best protection for your pet.
    Seats - The Car Seat Stowaway and the ComfortRide Pet Seat are designed for small dogs. Both strap securely to your car seat to keep your pet in place throughout the trip.
    Harnesses -The Car Safety Harness and GoAnywhere Car Harness are available in sizes to fit most dogs. They also attach directly to your seat belt holder, and double as a walking harness during stops.
    Our Fold & Carry Classic Cages can provide strong protection in your vehicle and at your destination. Your pet also enjoys an extra degree of personal comfort in his own familiar enclosure.
    Crates, lightweight and easy-to-clean, are also a popular choice. With their high, soft sides, a Bolster Pad inserted in cage or kennel, will enhance your pet's comfort.
    Barriers are easy to install in your back seat or deck. The Barrie-Aire and the Euro Barrie-Aire barriers, or the Pet Net will dramatically decrease injuries in the event of a sudden stop.
    Whichever restraint option you choose, never put your pet in the front seat where it can be
    Your dog should always wear its collar with ID tag </Product/NavResults.cfm?Ne=40000&N=2001+113046>, especially when away from home. Be sure to keep your pet leashed during rest stops - you don't want to lose him in unfamiliar area or be exposed to other pets. NEVER leave your pet in a hot car, even with windows cracked. In as little as 2-3 minutes, pets can overheat and even die from high temperatures. If you must leave your pet in your vehicle, always ensure proper air circulation. Our Fresh Ventilation Car Grill </product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=877&Ne=40000&N=2001+113233> will keep your dog safe inside, while providing plenty of fresh air.
    By securing your pet during travel, and following these other travel safety guidelines, you and your pet can enjoy being together whenever you're on the road.

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    When you say rewrite, do you mean proofing? Also, do you have full ownership of the articles you need rewritten? If so, I might be interested.

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    Honestly, to do such a rewording would still require credits to the original author using footnotes.

    Have you attempted to contact the original writers for their permission to allow you to use the articles on your web site?

    However, I am interested in the positon if it is still available. I'd much rather speak outside of
    Get it at work!
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    I doubt the author will have any problems if I rewrite them - considering he has been paid to write them.

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