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    Who can tell me the step of apply payment system ?

    I would like to sell some adult DVD or VCD online (not download site,i sell the products)

    but I don't know how getting start to apply online payment system for my site.

    I saw lots of payment Gate Way Company in this forum , but don't know which one should I use ( I live in Canada)

    Does any one can simply explain the step of apply payment system (for example : first step ==>apply Merchant Account and then...........)

    Sorry !!! it maybe a stupid question

    Thank you for your help!!

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    Well since you are in Canada & I am assuming your business & banks are also based in Canada, I would suggest to check out PSIGate or Paysystems.

    Now - what shopping cart are you going to use? PHP or ASP?

    Do not apply for a merchant account until you are ready to use it (unless you are not charged on a monthly basis). No need to pay for something you do not use. We get about 10 clients a month who want to get their merchant account - yet they do not even have a website. I always tell them to wait.

    First step - get a domain name. Then get someone to design / develop the site. Find a hosting company that suports the language that your cart was built in. Usually PHP is in *NIX flavors & ASP / .NET is on Windows. Most gateways will give you a test account to test your settings & connectivity. I would also get an SSL cert.

    Now you already have your inventory, right? Apply for your merchant account - get approved & your set to go.

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    Make sure that PSIGate or PaySystems will approve your account for adult DVD's, etc. as well before moving too far towards integrating into them. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
    Many thousands of successful, growing businesses benefit from our expertise every day. You can, too!
    We help merchants to eliminate gateway costs, reduce & mitigate fraud and achieve streamlined PCI compliance.
    Learn more today at - we look forward to helping your business grow!

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    thank you!!!

    in fact I already developed the site that I wish to run and I have my dedicated server too (I running another wbe site for year).

    But this time is my first time to setup the pay system

    so right now,

    I got these thing done:

    1.domain name
    2.The website
    3.A dedicated server

    and I still need

    1. Shopping Cart ( I don't know where to get the program, I would like to use chinese shopping cart)

    2.Bank? yes I have bank account in Canada

    3.Payment Gate Way (PSIGate or PaySystems ? Can you tell me more how to do!!)

    Thank you for your help!!!
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    Here are their websites: & I would send them an e-mail and ask them if they support the type of products you are selling. Being in Canada - it might be a little more difficult. The banks up there do not support a lot of high risk (adult - video text, etc) services.

    I tried to search for chinese shopping cart but nothing came up. What language are you looking for the cart?

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