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    Any thoughts on any of these? Please say which domain name you're referring to and reasons for your estimate. Thanks!

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    Doesn't anyone have any opinions on these?

    If anyone is interested in buying, I may be willing to sell for the right offer.

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    Three more... (discount retail, etc) (techno/electronic music, or general) (art related)

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    If they had opions, they'd state them. Ain't nobody ever accused WHT members of being shy.

    But, watch out what you ask for; you may just get it.

    Be prepared for things like, " What were you thinking?" kinda of responses.

    As for thread bUmPiNg; maybe now would be a good time to review the Forum Guidelines.
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    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    My bad

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