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    * Advertise on - Cheap!!! is a new small (but growing) gaming website that has had around 600 unique hits this year....I know it's not very many, but the numbers are growing...I haven't really done much advertising (only in some forums so far)....I am working on getting more links to the site...

    Anyhow, does anyone want to advertise on the site with a button or text link? Post any offers here and I'll see if I accept any!

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    Monthly rates only, please...

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    Gee, I wish you could edit posts after 15 minutes is up

    Thought that I might add that today alone I've got well over 20 hits....I've also got some staff and members that come back...

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    You may want to wait a little longer till you can really start accepting paid advertisers, as 600 uniques in a span of 2 or 3 months isn't much to deal with.

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    ok, I'll try to boost the hits...anyone with an offer post here....

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    just to keep people up to date, I have contacted some gaming sites to see if they want to link up...haven't received responses yet...

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    Any tips on how to drive traffic for free?

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