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    Thumbs up Need a domain name? I'll find you one for a price!

    I charge $50 dollars to come up with a domain name related to whatever you want to start online. The only thing is that I don't offer a refund if you don't like the name, but charge $25 dollars to come up with another.

    Tell me the kinda site you want to start, I'll find a name, then you can decide if you want to pay or not to see it. If I can't find a decent name for your site idea I'll tell you, I'm not out to scam anybody.

    To show everyone the quality of names I come up with, I'll auction a few names for hosting companys tomorrow night. Starting at $50 of course.
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    Sounds good and i'm waiting to see some of those names

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    Guess what? DomainFinder wont be able to do his auction tonight because you're not allowed to advertise in this forum more than once every seven days.

    You people have to wait until next Thursday.

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    He never said he was going to post a new thread, he can post as many messages in this thread as he wants.
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    Thanks for letting people know HostQuest!

    It's true, due to a single thread limit here every seven days in this forum, I wont be able to start a new thread for my auction, but I will start it next Thursday.

    I don't want to start the auction in this thread because it might be pushed off to the next page by tomorrow. I want to start a new thread for better exposure, plus to give everyone a chance to bid.

    I'm also not going to start looking for Domain names for anyone until everyone sees the quality domain names I can come up with in next weeks auction. If you can't wait that long, I wish you the best!

    See you all next Thursday!


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