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    Additional MySQL Charges

    If a give a client 5 mysql database's with their hosting package and he/she wants more databases. How much should I charge he/she for an additional mysql database?


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    Under $5 per month per database. Possibly nothing, but with a setup fee. Having another database won't put any more load on your server, but queries will.

    If you're worried about resource usage, then bill per query or have a maximum query limit per account, and charge a few cents per 1000 queries over.

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    MySQL Databases are a dime a dozen these days.

    If you are charging for extras, id say the "Average" was about $1/per db.

    Hope this helps

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    Definitely do it as a one time setup fee. It doesn't take long to change the amount of DB's allowed, and you can limit people to X amount of queries per day/hour, etc.
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    I've seen hosts charge a $5 setup fee.
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    setup fee sounds very reasonable.
    thanks guys

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    If you don't give them another database, then what they will most likely do is just add additional tables to one of their existing databases. Their account is still restrained by the quotas you set for them, they will use the scripts that they want to use whether or not you give them another database.

    Why charge them at all?

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    So if a client asked you for 5 more databases for a script he's using and these certain scripts he cant set a prefix tabkle , you telling me you would give him 5 databases for free if he didnt want to upgrade to the next available plan?

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    Yes, most likely I would. I've never seen a single script take 5 completely different databases though.

    When you take care of your clients in the little ways like this, they don't leave you when they do grow to the point they need to upgrade...

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