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    How To Setup 2 Different Accounts On Qmail

    I have a server with 2 websites of my own on it. I installed qmail and all it's partners by following the guide. Now I have set it up properly with my first domain name but I have another website on that server that I would like to have it's own link for webmail and it's own login thingy.. how would I go about setting that up .. and what type of entry would I put in for it and every other website that I add on my server in my httpd.conf?

    I'm on RedHat 9.0. I have PHP, MYSQL installed. This is my own box at home and I have root access of coarse. Thank You.

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    take it your not using vpopmail.

    You may want to think of using vpopmail for virtaul domains and virtual users for email.

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    If you installed everything from qmailrocks, then go to and Add Domain.

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    ok gamerfan i did that and i added the domain name for my 2nd website on the server now what would be the address for my second website to access mail and all of that? Pleaselet me know tahnkz!

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