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    Talking Need a development/gaming team! For Xbox/PC only gaming website...


    My name is David my screen name on games is <X> Aniond
    I'm starting a gaming website, where we will offer: News, Reviews, Wallpaper for download, ScreenShots, Screensavers for download, and once we get big enough, I would like to start up something like CAL for FPS's..

    I need a development team:

    Graphics Designer
    Web Designer
    Review Writers (on games you have)
    News writers
    Forums Moderators

    I have hosting, and I bought the domain name:

    Please let me know what you think of it! Our main emphasis will be on First Person Shooters, but will also review other games as well. There is NO pay, but I do plan on getting advertisements, on which I would be happy to help and compensate peoples work. This is more of a free thing, but I know that there has to be some people out there that would like to do something like this. I talked to a big wig (my friend) Who works for Official Xbox magazine, and said he can probaly get me some Pre-Release games for reviewing!

    I need help on this! Please help me out. Contact me Via AIM or Post here, dont email please!

    AIM: FVH Support
    Thanks again!
    <X> Aniond (david)

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    Hey, I wouldn't mind writing reviews for credit on the site

    Hit me up on AIM - MVisuals

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    I might be interested, I designed alot of gaming related websites, you can view my work at:


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    Hey man,

    Well thanks for the replies!
    Your sites are awesome. But as I said above NO pay, is that a problem? I would definately be willing to give you recognition on the site, as well as make you a team member. :0

    Let me know! Post here or either, AIM me, in which I added you.
    <X> Aniond

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