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    Private DS3x2 + Half-Rack **READ**


    Currently at my office we're hosted on a 10mbit.

    The same company in which we host will also give my company or myself a great deal on colocation.

    I can get a Half-Rack with Two Private Un-metered ds3 connections for 789.00/month.

    This includes all power, bandwidth, etc. It does not however include firewall protection. The bandwidth is completely "raw."

    THey would provide, secure facility, power, power backup, switch, port and ips.

    Anyone interested in this let me know. If Possible more people could go in on it.

    Half rack is , 22U right?

    So, 10 people at 2U each for, 150.00 colocation? can share the bandwidth, i don't know just an idea

    However it is only available to customers they currently have for local access.

    They currently host two 1U boxes using about 200gb a month each.

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    90mbps for $789/month.. must be a miracle.

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    Interesting... Something sounds fishy about this deal. Got an IP of a server currently on that connection? We get 2 DS3's worth, or the ISP HAS 2 DS3's worth?
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    Miha, Karl I'm not sure honestly. I've been talking to them numerous times throughout the week to determine exactly what would be received. From my understanding now, it is this*

    Two Un-metered connections via DS-3. They would be directly peered to Yipes(WCG) and SWBell fiber loops.

    The access to the servers would only be during their regular business hours. However they do have 24.7 survelliance and security staff on duty. It would be a half-rack and you would receive the bandwidth not utilized at that moment in time. its a private facility, and currently they ahve three DS3 connections. One is used for their high speed bandwidth customers and the other two for colocation. So basically I guess we would be sharing the connection with a very select few.

    I think I think.

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    What city are you in?


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    Just ask them how much total bandwidth we will be able to use I m interested in this though

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    Total banwidth is un-metered../ Basically you would have axx to whatever is left, they said right now this minute 1:12pm CST they're using 11MBps of their 90mbps allocated to colo* hehe

    So... i think thats pretty good*

    Burstable to 90mbit

    half rack heh

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