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    ADULT Merchant Account

    Hi Guys

    I'm looking for a relation of mine for an Merchant Account that accepts ADULT SITES. Preferable: Offshore, no set-up and monthly fees, no minimum processing volumes, API integration, accepting all MAJOR CreditCards, MultyCurrency. Own discriptor.
    Instantly(REAL--TIME) payments or weekly.

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    I run an adult toy business.


    They provided us with a european bank.

    many thanks

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    Thanks Buddy.
    I get headaches off all that searching, I'm allready searching for 2 days, and for hours.

    Are they reliable??

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    I get paid and never late

    I searched for ages and came across all type of people. These guys did exactly what they promised..


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  6. #6 maybe good for you,
    no setup fee, no montly fee, 1.99-2.99% + 30 cents.
    They support 170 countries and 220 countries, once you setup, you are open to the global market.

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    Yeah but do thay accept ADULT?
    And I think they've a maximum processinf volume of 5000 USD per month, that's nothing.

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    I wanted to know same about a month earlier, many experienced people suggested me to visit the website of to make up my mind. Which i did and tried that to test them from their online money transfer service. Somebody had to send me money from UK, i asked him to send me through ikobo website, he sent it to my name, i received ikobo card in less than five days time (free of shipping charges) from ikobo., tried their card for withdrawal of money and was happy to succeed in that and ikobo also succeeded to win the confidence of a new customer like me. In Pakistan i am telling to hundreds of my associates to depend on ikobo for their online money transfer needs, everything else like fees etc is also lowest in the market so far, as far as i have searched on Internet. But if you come across a better company with more services then please do tell me to consider them comparatively.

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    Ibobo sign up process is just to hard. I had a customer who just wanted a 25 product and he had fax details and stuff.

    He gave up and i manged to get a cheque from him..

    Their support is also really slow and their liveperson system doesnt work properly.


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    Adult processor for subscription type services or adult goodies? Two of the most well known and popular processors in the adult webmaster community are CCbill, and Epoch Systems. There are others, just be careful who you choose, especially for subscription type services. When Glo-bill processing folded adult webmasters lost thousands of recurring paying customers. The two above have been around and are established.

    You'll have to browse the links above, if you haven't already, to see if they meet your preferred requirements.

    Good luck

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    Here's more for you to browse and consider, and again, I am not sure if they meet your requirements. I just know they do adult type transactions.

    Probilling, 2000charge, EGS Pay, EURBANC, iBill, Jettis, NetBilling, and finally PSW Billing Solutions

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