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    * Need a Dedicated Server!

    Hey! I am a Newbie here!

    Tired of Searching for Dedicated servers, Very Tired, did not got any good server for my site!, so i am on WHT now...

    I need :

    1000GB Bandwidth
    80GB Space
    Windows Server
    101% Managed
    Because i dont know how to manage a server,...!

    Budget from $120 to $150,

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    Fully managed for $150? Maybe you just need a big reseller account.

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    I doubt you will find a 100% managed server with 1000gb bandwdith and Windows for $150. Try $200-$400 and you might get it. Good luck with your search.
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    If you drop the part about windows, you can get a linux box for that price. Though, the box will be located at, and as of right now, only have 1 line. That in mind though, their uptime has been solid over the past month

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    Can't have everything. If you want 100% uptime, 100% support and a solid machine you will have to pay for it.

    If there is a place that offers all those things for $120 per month I'm positive alot of guys here would be interested

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    Yea, I agree with them.. I charge $100 additional per month JUST for managed services :/ - Consider an upper level reseller account, and if you need additional permissions, e-mail your prospective host and see what you can work out with them.

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    Yes, I agree... Reseller or raise your budget =]

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    I will must go with a Resseler plan.... but::::

    I have a site which getting over 95,000 impressions a day! and the current Host is telling me that you should go with a dedicated server, otherwise dont host with us any more, becuse my site has disturb his all server, dont know why!

    so, thats why i want a dedicated..

    if some one has a resseler which can control my site, then i will go....

    Please dont forget to give me ur MSN id..

    i will talk first

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    get a windows server, then get 's managment service. They go above and beyond their service

    That would be your best bet.
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    How to trust a third party to give them password and they manage it ?? is it a good work ?

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    Ya sure can get fully managed for $150.... Angel Networkz with servers at The Planet , and .

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    if you are having that much impressions, I guess you should go for a dedicated server... that way you won't be sharing your resources too... Maybe budget is a problem..still try and you may find one in your budget (I think a Duron + Linux) should be available
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