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    Swapping support from the other side of the world

    Other than the fear of having your clients stolen by your "partner", what's the other pitfall of swapping support services with another host from the other side of the world so you could both cover the 24 hour spectrum?

    And what mechanisms can be put in place so that both parties would play fair?

    Or is this thing even feasible / practical / sane?

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    I would personally never do it. I wouldn't trust anyone but the people around me, (Since I can monitor them) to handle customer support. Customer support is underestimated in this industry I believe. I think people believe that if they offer a low price and fast serv ers that's what will make them successful. Customer service can lead to trippling your sales, just because people that are currently on your service had such a nice experience, they will recommend other people to it. Sorry, I just wouldn't trust other people to handle my support, especially if they don't care whether or not that client that is having a problem goes out and referrs someone else to my service.

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    I second that, outsourcing support imho is a recipe for disaster as you have no quality control. If your going to, why dont you check out some of these India based companys, they will provide 24/7 support for like $100.00/month, if I remember correctly. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
    Charles Baker - Company Operations

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    Hire a programmer to automate your support system.

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