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    StrongSite.NET Semi-Dedicated No Overselling only $44.95/share! WHT Special! is proud to offer new Semi-Dedicated Services!

    Our services are perfect for a small to medium forums site, or any service that requires large quantities of bandwidth. has been in business (under a different name) for since September, 2003. (To inquire please email/private message me).

    We are currently rebuilding our website to represent our new focus. Please bear with us as we make these changes.

    Each share comes with 125 gigabytes of transfer and 10 gigabytes of disk space with NO OVERSELLING! If what you buy isn't used, it isn't sold!

    Each server is a Pentium 4 2.4 GHZ with 1 gigabyte of ram and a 100 mbit port. cPanel 8.9.0.

    Unlimited features

    All our servers come fully optimized, and are managed and supported by our expert technical staff. Guaranteed 24 hour turnaround for non-critical support tickets, and guaranteed 3 hour turnaround for more immediate support tickets.

    99.9% Uptime guaranteed except due to user error/prescheduled maintenance (rare).

    You are responsible for your own backups, however backup service can be purchased.

    Enter coupon code WHT02032004 to receive $10 off your first order! (Or free setup for a one share account!) Coupon expires Wednesday March 10th, 2004.

    To Order your StrongSite, click HERE!

    Care to test our speed?

    10 MB Test File: Test File
    Ping IP: (I get 52.9 ms)

    We are Paypal verified! Click To View Certificate

    [email protected]

    Note: I've been up all night. By the time you've read this I've went to bed at 1:00 PM. Please don't be miffed if I don't verify/activate your account or answer emails until later.
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    Admins, please correct my above post to remove the size tags in order to fit with the posting guidelines. I was unable to do so (15 minute limit expired).

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