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    To start business or to buy one ?

    What is simpler and cheaper ?

    To establish company, lease servers, buy hosting software, or just to acquire similar business from disappointed previous owner ?

    Does anybody have experience in acquiring exisiting hosting business ?

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    Starting your own will always be cheaper with a good business model. If you site down and plot it out, you can start ANY business for less money than you would initially think.

    I think purchasing hosting companies is a much faster way to make a name for yourself, but not cheaper.

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    You you do not want to spend months trying to build up your company buy one. But then your at the deep end.
    Get a small resellers, start one up. See if you like doing hosting then buy out a company.

    Or work with another hosting company as a support tech. Or for free for a few months then buy a company out. This way you can learn every thing about hosting before crashing into the deep end of the pool.

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    I think starting your own is good more than buy.

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    To avoid misunderstanding

    I've spent already 5 yrs doing hosting business in my country, not internationally. So, the most of technical and business aspects of hosting itself are clear for me.

    Now I'd like to extend to international services.
    That's why my question arose

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    Re: To avoid misunderstanding

    Originally posted by Mganga
    So, the most of technical and business aspects of hosting itself are clear for me.

    You should start a new one and build your own reputation. Good luck

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    I would say it's better to start your own because it's kind of like buying a house. You don't want to pay for someone elses problems. I would recommend that if you do buy the company then sign up anonymously for a hosting account and find out first hand how they treat there customers and such.

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    Buying an existing business would ensure you have a level of income from day one from the existing customers. While if you start from fresh, you have to compete with the rest and there is no guarantee that you will have the same results.

    Then again starting from fresh you will give the business your personal touch and if you do buy from an existing business and they do not quite treat their customers well then you will be in trouble trying to fix issues. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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