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    JPS + Ensim Pro + Subdomains question...


    We got the question bellow and we don't know the answer on it...We don't usaually support JSP, but we made an exception for this customer...

    "If I create a subdomain (for multiple web applications) and have it point to a subfolder that I create in the main HTML folder, then do I need to create the ../WEB-INF/classes , etc. folders myself for that subdomain? How will Tomcat know they are there (do I notify you or register it myself somehow)?"

    As I wrote in the subject we have Ensim Pro control panel..

    Thank you in advance! Have a great day,


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    No, you don't. You can setup symlinks. As long as your going to be using the same database and web.xml file.

    ln -s firstdir seconddir

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    Thank you for your reply.

    What is symlinks? I really don't know anything about JSP...

    Then I tell my customer to run "ln -s firstdir seconddir" in SSH.

    Best regards,


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    symlinks aren't JSP, there just basically shortcuts like you have in windows. It just makes a shortcut to the file. And yes, you run that command in SSH

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