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    How do people usually learn perl/php language and script them?

    Any good url to help?

    Also, is there any php/perl script editor like dreamweaver for html?

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    Usually: books, tutorials, classes, etc

    Dreamweaver is good for HTML as well.

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    Dreamweaver (especially the latest version) is good for PHP.

    People usually learn by picking up a book, or asking someone that they know to teach them. If you already have some programming background, you can just download php along with a webserver (like Apache) and create a development environment on your own personal computer.

    In addition to Dreamweaver, there are plenty of other editors that will handle PHP (to varying degrees). I've listed a few that I have worked with :

    Eclipse (with the Xored PHP IDE plugin)
    Zend Studio
    PHP Edit

    I'm sure there are others floating about.
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    Thanks! Didn't know dreamweaver is also a PHP editor.

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    Or you can use Notepad! I don't know what I would do without notepad.

    People also learn from open source material that is commented well enough for the everyday person to understand.

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    I am picking up PHP the hard way::
    notepad + (online manual + submitted examples)

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    Good Luck

    Here is a good book that some here recomended me to read it to start and it help ALOT! Good for beginners:

    PHP and MySQL Web Development

    It comes with the Tutorial CD.

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    Well added on from my previous post, I also have a PHP and MySQL bible I purchased off of Amazon. They work wonders.

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    Holy google and Merlin the wizard

    For tutorials i steadfastly urge you query the holy google with 'php tutorial' .

    You can get any tutorial from simple print commands to complex dbase applications.

    But, all in all, best way to learn PHP is to pick things up on the way while you are building a site. More motivation, more practice. And you will get more pragmatic-minded while doing so.

    Find an idea for a site. e.g banner exchange site. or something else.

    While you are trying to put things in their places, you will be searching and implementing many facets of php programming.

    As for development environment, for over 2 years now i am using Merlin Server - previously Abria Merlin. It installs PHP, CGI, MySQL and apache server along with a number of web and windows applications such as phpmyadmin, php coder pro, html coder and stuff.

    go to , do a easy email register, and download MERLIN SERVER after you log in with the password they sent you. It takes about 20 minutes and its free.

    Ah, also, do not wait for password to come fast after you register, it seems they have set up a cron job to process registrations in regular times, and it takes too long a time to get the email. Instead, after registering the first time, dont wait for email to come, but directly go to login screen and click the 'i forgot my password' link and do whatever neccessary there. youll get your activation password in 5 minutes tops.

    Ah and a final word, dont use too easy to go helper thingy editors while coding or designing, doing it in wordpad gets you deeper to the issue youre dealing with. But as wordpad doesnt highlight tags, you will be better of the free php coder pro that comes with Merlin Server i guess.

    Good luck, and reach me from 68017275 if you have any php related issues,

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    There are plenty of online tutorials, however, if they aren't your thing, go to your local Borders (or some bookstore), and check out their Computers section. You'll find quite a few Perl and PHP books designed for beginners.
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