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    Really Cool Tool - For selling managed hosting

    Hi all,

    I came across this tool a while back when one of my clients was trying to justify outsourcing his web servers to me vs. doing it in-house. Basically he had to convince the CFO and CEO of his company that outsourcing made sense from a financial and business perspective.

    The tool is TCOnow! for outsourcing. It is developed by a company called CIOview, Inc (

    Basically its a software program that takes the end-user through a Q&A session and then at the end it spits out a 25-30 page "Business Case Analysis" MS word document. The report reflects the ROI, TCO, NPV, IRR and Pay-back Period for the outsourcing project. It includes color graphs and charts etc.. basically all the fancy "Financial" stuff that CIO, CFO and CEO's like to see.

    They also have 60 different modules for many different IT engagements from Web Application Development to Server Consolidation to Linux Migration.

    There best tool is called ROInow! Consultant - this is for "ANY IT PROJECT" - And can be customized to your specific project. It's only $500

    A list of all their tools can be found at:

    The sales manager 's name is Gavin Nathan give him a call at 978-823-1600 or email him at [email protected] Tell him MARK REEDY sent you and he give you a good deal.

    I really recommend this product for Web Hosts who are selling Dedicated Servers, Managed Services and Colocation as well as Executive in the Hosting Industry who have their own internal projects.

    Good Luck and Good Selling

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    Excellent tool by the looks of it.

    We actually were just in the process of developing a new business needs analysis to consolidate our inhouse servers to 2 - Dell Poweredge 6650's.

    My wife makes me put together these reports before I spend a single penny on hardware. Then again, she was way more management experience than I do, I just handle the "techy" side of things.


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    Yes - I use it all the time.

    Does it save "me" money? Not ME but MY CUSTOMERS yes!!

    As a salesman I use it as a tool, I use the tool to show my clients how much money they will save / loose with any IT project. So I guess the answer is that the Porgram MAKES me money because I use it as a closing tool.

    My customers CIO's and other IT Execs use it in thier business's when ever they have a significant IT expenditure. And Yes it works.

    Call Gavin and he will get one of his reps to do a "web-X" demo for you...

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