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    How about

    I had posted a thread earlier about (, but since the replies were not too positive, I've been looking around for other hosts, also been using etc...

    So I came up with Their packages look great for our needs, their prices are interesting too, and what I have read in several threads here, their support and reliability are pretty good too.

    I would just like to see if anyone can confirm this?

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    Try a search through the forums on their domain name, people tend to post bad experiences and good sometimes as well.

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    I am not sure we are looking at the same thing, but:

    and I can see a few negative ones right near the top. Happy reading.
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    Yes, I mentioned that I did check out several threads already about, and many of them appear to be positive which is why they sound interesting.

    I just wanted to see if anyone has any solid arguments why NOT to go for them, or why to DEFINITELY go for them.

    Of course, nobody is perfect, and so it's impossible to find a perfect host, but it would at least be nice to find one which is reliable

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