Please could you tell me if the following is a practical starting point for
determining how many hits a website could realistically expect to get in its
first month, assuming that it was optomised at construction to be on the
first page or two of Google for UK keyword searches like 'mortgage', 'loan'
and derivations thereof such as self cert mortgage, first time mortgage,
poor credit loan, etc. You should assume that the site will be highly
optomised for search engine submission from day one and that it is high in
quality content with better than average interactivity and linked to around
6 very high quality financial information sites in the first month, and so
should appear in the top 20 in Google. The optomisers believe that they can
get it into the first page (top 10) on our budget. Do you think that is
realsitic on any budget in month 1?

The total number of searches per month in the UK for terms derived from
mortgage and loan is around 1.4m (350,000 for loan and 250,000 for
mortgages, with the remaining 800,000 done on searches for derived terms
like mortgage rate, mortgage calculator, mortgage broker etc. The pay per
click cost to be at the top of these keyword searchs is regurlarly over ?0,
PER CLICK!! The market is vast and very competitive, but also very lucrative
for the winners and devastating for the losers. We want to be winners, so we
are going to try to optomise the site, rather than buy the traffic.

Is it realistic to expect that, with no off page advertising, we could
achieve 3000 unique visitors in this field at our website in the first

Could we realistically expect to have a conversion rate of visitors to
enquiries (enquiries are classed as web based form filling requesting a call
from a broker, or inbound telephone enquiries) of 1.5% of site traffic? ie
3000 visitors results in 45 enquiries.

Is it also realistic to expect that a well respected web optomisation
company used by blue chip companies, could increase click through at 2% per
month, ie from 0.50% of potential traffic to 0.51%, while also increasing
conversion rates by the same percentage margin every month?

Maybe you could let me know what your findings are, or if you have any other
figures that you think are realistic.