hi all,
i started an ADV campaign with overture last january for my webhosting company. One of my keywords is "web hosting" and should have placement 25 on altavista.com (us marked)
However, doing a search on altavista.com i really cant' finde my ads withing the first 15 web page and over...
According to my placement i should be at least at page 5 (there are 6 sponsored links every page) but i really can't finde my ADV there... ! So i wrote to overture support and ask what's going on and how does the ADV work. They send me a screeshoot from yahoo where i have listed on page 3. OK fine, but altavista I ask? There response was: we are going looking into that problem... That was last week. Bu I still kan't finde my ADV on altavista.com (us marked)
I not sure... if the problem is on my browser, my PC or elswhere..
Can anyone finde my company under the sposored link on altavista.com??