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    php code help...

    Ok, is there any php code I could use that would do this?

    It will take text that is on 1 php page, and will duplicate the same text on each page the php code is on?

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    Care to elaborate on what you actually need? :/ :: coming soon

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    It will be for like news. It will be on multiple pages... but I am tired of editing all the pages. I don't know php very well, and I don't know any kinda MySQL for this. I have no money to pay anyone. So I was hoping that would do it.

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    Well.. If you mean putting the same text on multiple pages?

    You can have a file like functions.php with functions in it like..

    function hello() {
    <html code>
    hello friend
    <more html code>

    Then on other pages you can do



    And just edit the function in functions.php if you need to change the output.

    I hope that helps you. :: coming soon

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    Thanks I will try that when i get done writing my Terms of Services.

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    Well I have tried that... but I am having problems with the functions.php I entered that but nothing shows up where it should be... it doesn't show anything up at all.

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    Eh, nevermind I got it to work in my own special way.

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    it should be the include...
    on every page, and as for newstext.php
    echo "Your content.";

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    or something like that.
    I don't think newstext.php even has to have php material.

    take a look:
    that is using the "include" fonction.

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