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Thread: T-shirt design

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    T-shirt design

    3 different t-shirt designs wanted;

    Description: The prints are only on one side on the front. The designs are on white and blue t-shirts. I prefer the images in .psd/png format with tranpserant backgrounds

    The text:

    Vegetarianism is for lovers

    I wanted to just print the text on the t-shirt but they'll probably look boring. So if you can add some graphics(not too many colors though) and spice them up a little bit with a creative twist to the text, add me to your msn list: [email protected]

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    Whats your price range?

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    What kind of graphics you look for? (could you be more specific, t-shirts designs require at least 300dpi resolution so they will highly differ from web desgn graphics) You should be more specific in your post with some content related, price range, or rough example of what you ask for.
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    was this resolved? Any final designs that we can see?

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