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    Logo Design WANTED

    I need someone to do a nice logo for my PayPalAlert.Com website.

    It needs to match the current design and needs to be low kb. and needs to look unique and professional and reflect the nature and purpose of the website.

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    I can give you this dirt cheap.

    Contact me if interested.

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    account disabled! hm...

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    Originally posted by number00032
    account disabled! hm...
    I noticed that too. Maybe the WHT admins looked at his site, and saw his statements like....

    "PayPal is the MAFIA" and "PayPal.Com is THE Fraud! This website is for people who have been raped, victimized and robbed BY PayPal."

    "Raped", "Fraud" and "Mafia" are pretty stupid statements to make, regardless of what disagreement he has with them. I seriously doubt an employee (or the whole staff) of PayPal "Raped" him. Geesh!

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    Gotta love that personal paypal account....:igh::... that is until a client decides to pay with their credit card!!!

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