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    "Second-hand" domain scam

    Every now and again I get unsolicited emails, always from someone with an English-sounding name, always sent from the Netherlands, offering to sell me a domain which they claim to own - usually for a figure of between USD 80 and USD 200.

    The subject line usually says something like "Selling my domain", and the domain that is for sale usually bears some similarity to a domain for which I am listed as the admin contact.

    The interesting thing is that when I do a Whois check on the domain that the spammer claims to own it turns out that the domain is not actually registered - so it seems that these people are claiming to own domains they don't own, and are registering domains to order for a large profit!

    Has anyone else come across this - and what do you think about these tactics?

    I know it's only a minor scam, but it's still dishonest.

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    I heard this before. Exactly the same story. Definiteley a scam

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    I get a few of those emails too. I wonder how much traffic those domains would get after the spamming.


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