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    Nameserver, A records, MX records???

    I'm very confused. I'm also new to all this. Here is what happened:

    1. I took over as caretaker of a nonprofit's domain name that is registered though Network Solutions. The actual site is being hosted on the home computer of one of the members, who was the primary contact before me, and also had the domain in his name. He transferred the domain name of the organization, with me as the Contact.

    2. Then I was supposed to find a commercial hosting service, modify the site and upload it to the new host, and then make a change in the control panel at Network Solutions so the URL takes people to the new host and new site.

    I got all the way to just before making the change in the control panel. And then I got very confused, because it gives choices I never heard of.

    One choice is to change the name server. The other choice is to change the A record and the MX record. It also mentions some other things, but right now I'm concerned about getting the url pointed at the new place, and email working at the new place. And the instructions implied that if I changed nameservers, I would not have the same control via the control panel, or something sounding like that. And that I should change the A records and MX records, which I have never heard of anyone doing.

    Can someone help me understand this and make the right choice.

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    If everything is hosted on one server you probably won't have to modify the A or MX records.

    The only reason you would have to change these would be if you are using seperate providers for email or the website.

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    Your new Host should of given you his nameservers to direct your domain to.

    Log into your Domain Manager at the registera and Change nameservers to his and save!

    Dns will then take 24 to 72 hours to propagate to his server and your site will be active. Most times within 24 hours.

    If your useing your new host DNS he will create the A records and MX records when he creates your site on his server.

    Nameserver Change is all you need to make.
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    ok, as Dim8 and webbase said the most likely thing you need to do is change teh nameserver to those that your new host uses

    FYI ... *they* will have A records, MX records, RVPTR records etc on their nameservers, but that part of what you're paying for. the records simply match what something is called (host.domain) to where something is (ip) - it like a phone book for tcp/ip services
    A - this is the default IP for your domain
    A - this is the IP of the www host (i.e. website)
    A - this is the IP of the mail host
    MX - this means that all mail for goe sto the machine called which from it's A record is
    REVPTR - this allows the IP to resolve back to the name

    If you're interested in how it works rather than just knowing it does, pickup a copy of DNS & BIND at sometime, open a good bottle, and settle down for an evening
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    I suugest go and ask your host..they should be happy to assist you and if they aren't then you must not be with them anyhow..
    And usually you need to edit either nameservers or A/MX records but that depends case by case..
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    Originally posted by domainwala
    I suggest go and ask your host..they should be happy to assist you ...
    That's definitely the best idea for you...

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    It is only a matter of getting the nameservers and their ips right. Your host should definitely be able to help you on that one. Once you get it right, they should be able to make the modifications on the MX and the other extra A records you may like to have. MX is for the mail routing and A is for the domain routing. There is no reason to configure those with the registrar because the database on the nameserver is able to handle those.

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    Thanks to all for your help. This got me past my confusion. So I went in and simply changed the two name servers.

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