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    SM- controlpanel/mysql/apache/etc. etc.

    I am getting ready to jump to dedicated. I have been eyeing SM, and it looks good.

    I am a bit confused on their s/w offering:
    -do they provide a box pre-done with apache, mysql, php, etc. or is this *special request*?

    Do I need cpanel/whm for $20 extra a month. What does that do for me?

    Do I need FloodGuard, another extra $.

    Is there adequate security included in the basic (silver) package?

    Please let me know. All these *extras* start to add-up quickly.

    Also, I can do some admin but as a newbie, I like to avoid that as much as possible. Are their hgher priced support levels what I need, or do I need to go to outside services?

    Really appreciate your help,


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    ServerMatrix servers come all ready to go with apache, mysql, php all running.

    Cpanel/WHM is required only for managing customers if you intend selling hosting accounts, although it would be recomended if you know little about server management. It depends on what your going to do with the server.

    Whether or not you need any other options is again all dependant on what you are using the server for, can you post a bit more info.

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    Hi, L. Wisener, you have been of help to me in the past, and continue so. Your contribution to this board is VERY IMPORTANT.

    I need to do *basic* hosting, nothing complicated, no reselling, basically hosting a number of domains (heavy on forums).

    I keep hearing about hacking attempts, dos attacks, etc. etc. I am just wondering if SM keeps their servers up to date with the silver service. I really don't want to spend a lot of time on sysadmin.

    Do I need floodGuard?


    p.s. Actually SM is offering a promo with cpanel/whm provided free, which is nice.

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    i would say that cpanel makes running a server much easyer because it automates things for you like
    adding accounts/domains/email
    and backups
    i have been useing command line for a long time and found that cpanel makes life easyer and infact some of the imposible things "verey hard things to setup" can be easly installed or be done now thanks to it.
    and the floodguard is a good addon against attcks
    but you will need to manage and update things because SM want update every thing for you.
    if you want a total managed server checkout
    if you feal you can lurn stay with SM
    but i recomand you install few more things like APF+antidos
    also enableing cpanel security options
    and install mailscanner + clam anti virus
    you can also check out and see what you can find there.
    good luck

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    Thanks, BizB,

    I can do basic admin, but things like mod_security, installing mailscanner & clam may be things I don't want to spend time learning....

    I saw someone advertising a service to install all the security features on your server for a reasonable price. Perhaps I can look into that. I am not yet ready to spend for a fully managed service like theplanet.


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    well o be honest its not hard to install all these things just flow the how-to
    there like 3 to 6 steps.
    but you could end up locking your self out with APF
    good luck

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    There are couple of services I tracked down on SM forum that can do security admin for about $25/month. Pros: they stay on the *leading edge* of things, I am sure. Cons: I would not know exactly how the server is config'ed (I guess good someone who does not want to tinker with the box).


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